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Below all these words are some free things for you. Several of my blog posts are structured more like extended essays or even short books than like the brief, chatty, informal texts of a typical blog. I’ve taken some of these and formatted them into small e-books that can be printed or installed on an e-book reader. I hope they will be more readable and shareable in these formats.

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Let’s be honest. Many blogs require readers to sign up for an email list to get free resources; I’m just asking. The reason email lists are helpful is because publishers want to see that writers have a large built-in audience for their work. They look for long and active email lists, lots of social media followers, etc. I would like to publish books at some point so I’d like to have these things as evidence that lots of you read and enjoy my writing.

This isn’t a grand conspiracy on the part of publishers. They are taking a big risk when they take on an author and go through the work of printing and marketing a book. Wanting some evidence that this work isn’t going to be wasted is reasonable and good.

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A Downloadable Liturgy

The blog post called Releasing Fear: A Compline Liturgy contains a prayer practice to do before sleeping. I’ve created a printable version for myself and wanted to share it with you here.

Releasing Fear Compline


Downloadable Essays

Each of these is formatted in two ways: a letter-sized PDF suitable for printing and an epub file which works with most ebook readers. Grab what works best for you. Let me know if other formats would be helpful.

bookimage-narcissism-05Making Peace with Narcissism
First published 1 July 2016

Sometimes our efforts to live lives of self-giving love runs up against the challenge of someone who is so self-absorbed they cannot or will not reciprocate. For those of us that have experienced the troubling alternative universe created by a person with Narcissistic Personality Disorder, this lack of reciprocity can become immersive and even abusive, leading us to doubt our own lived experience. I offer here a handful of insights gained from my experiences with a person with NPD along with a few tentative suggestions for how we might love them without being consumed by them.

Making Peace with Narcissism (printable PDF) Making Peace with Narcissism (epub - for most e-readers)


bookimage-loneliness-05Loneliness Among Crossed Arms and Casseroles
First published 31 October 2015

It’s all too common to participate in a church, surrounded by warm and friendly people, and yet to remain excruciatingly lonely. Certain images from Rachel Held Evans’ Searching for Sunday resonated with my experience in the last several years of my failed marriage and in churches that don’t quite live up to the “new family” vision of the New Testament. Then I discuss lessons learned for how we can participate in life together differently — faithfully — as a new family to one another in Christ.

Loneliness Among Crossed Arms & Casseroles (printable PDF) Loneliness Among Crossed Arms & Casseroles (epub - for most e-readers)



Lynching Today
First published 17 July 2015

The Roman cross was like a billboard saying “resist and this will happen to you.” Its victims were placed in a dehumanizing relationship to everyday citizens in order to create a space of fear. In The Cross and the Lynching Tree James Cone connects two public spectacles, showing how closely the cross of Jesus continued in the way black people in America were oppressed in the first half of the twentieth century. I explore how this kind of public spectacle continues today in new forms and I suggest ways we can respond to the injustices highlighted by the Black Lives Matter movement.

Lynching Today (printable PDF) Lynching Today (epub - for most e-readers)


bookimage-kingdom-05Conspiracy Theories
First published 14 February through 1 June 2015

This essay explores a current conversation about where and how the “Kingdom of God” is at work in the world today, especially in our daily work outside the church. Using The Divine Conspiracy Continued by Dallas Willard and Gary Black Jr. and Kingdom Conspiracies by Scot McKnight as starting points I make the case that the work outside the church matters for the Kingdom but that it is most richly and fully faithful when we place ourselves deeply within a life with God and within a community of God’s people.

Conspiracy Theories (printable PDF) Conspiracy Theories (epub - for most e-readers)


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