The good folks at Missio Alliance published an article I wrote reflecting on David Fitch’s recent book, Faithful Presence: Seven Disciplines That Shape the Church for Mission. I really admire the work Missio Alliance is doing and am honored that they published it. The relationship between following Jesus and our daily work is hotly contested, with [...]

DNPod 008: Renovation

As I set out to renovate my house I explore the concept of newness and change with buildings and in our communities. Find the original blog post at Support Designing and Neighboring by: Rating and reviewing the podcast on iTunes. Sharing the podcast or the blog through your social media of choice. Signing up [...]


I’m in the process of designing a renovation of my fifty year old house. The house has only been mine for a few years. I’m sure it has a rich history. I’ve never met the previous owners so much of the history of the house remains hidden to me. Through some detective work here are [...]

Did you know that the Sunday after Easter has a name? In this episode I look at where Quasimodo Sunday got it’s name, why the cathedral bellringer has the same name, plus Car Talk to consider what the biblical concept of “saved” looks like. Find the original blog post at Support Designing and Neighboring [...]

Quasimodo was the one who rang the bells in Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, right? Didn’t he have a hunched back and a deformed face? Victor Hugo gave us the character of Quasimodo when he published Notre Dame de Paris in 1831. Hugo named the book after a building; the cathedral is arguably the main [...]

This post from January 2016 will introduce you to who I am and what I aspire to as a writer. In it I discuss the role of the bass guitar in a song and in what ways it can be analogous to writing. I mention Lou Reed, Rob Wasserman, and Tina Weymouth, the Enneagram, and [...]

Art & Justice Part One: Inside

National Portfolio Day is a set of events that happen all over the country where representatives of college art and design programs review the portfolios of aspiring high school students. These representatives, usually art professors, set up tables in large meeting rooms in major cities so students can come to one place and connect with [...]

A prayer of examen is a daily Jesuit practice designed to help us place ourselves deeply in time and in God’s presence. Practiced regularly it can give us a chance to slow down and see what God has been up to in our day, where we have successfully or unsuccessfully participated in God’s movement in [...]

Fear-Based Learning

People that don’t know better sometimes think of me as an athletic person. I have a moderately lean and strong build for a man well into his fifth decade of life. Yet I haven’t competed in a sport since I quit both soccer and basketball in elementary school after a few humiliating seasons. I’m in [...]

“Born Again” Reconsidered

Night. An upstairs room with a small table containing a bottle of wine and two glasses. Nicodemus enters. Jesus, already seated, invites Nicodemus to join him at the table. NICODEMUS Teacher, we are almost convinced you come from the very presence of God. The things you make — an abundance of food to feed the [...]