The good folks at Missio Alliance published an article I wrote reflecting on David Fitch’s recent book, Faithful Presence: Seven Disciplines That Shape the Church for Mission. I really admire the work Missio Alliance is doing and am honored that they published it. The relationship between following Jesus and our daily work is hotly contested, with [...]

When Jesus washed his disciples feet before the last supper he was participating in a kind of performance art. In this post from Maundy Thursday of 2015 I examine the way performance, meaning, death, and life intersect in this generous act of God humbling Godself. Find the original blog post at Support Designing and [...]

As you’ll hear, this was posted about a week before the fateful election of November 2016. It felt like everyone on all sides of the election was deeply frustrated and I shared in that. Though it felt felt like everything had been said a million times in a million ways about the election, I hadn’t [...]

Art & Justice Part One: Inside

National Portfolio Day is a set of events that happen all over the country where representatives of college art and design programs review the portfolios of aspiring high school students. These representatives, usually art professors, set up tables in large meeting rooms in major cities so students can come to one place and connect with [...]

Three Ways of Inhabiting Power

A candidate for president of the United States was caught on video reveling in the way he could use his power as a celebrity to cross boundaries that others could not cross. He clearly described his practice of using fame to get away with harassing and molesting women with impunity. The video was made public [...]

A prayer of examen is a daily Jesuit practice designed to help us place ourselves deeply in time and in God’s presence. Practiced regularly it can give us a chance to slow down and see what God has been up to in our day, where we have successfully or unsuccessfully participated in God’s movement in [...]

Austin’s local music scene seems to have a lot going on. I’m happy this is the case. I want to support local musicians in their work. But I usually don’t. And I feel bad about this. I have two very large barriers to going out to experience live music: I’m an extreme morning person and [...]

What if on Monday morning I reviewed the past weekend to consider what I had done that had pushed me one step forward into Christ-likeness? Maybe I read my bible over coffee on Saturday and listened to a solid sermon on Sunday. I might have learned something about God, thereby changing my thoughts. Sure these [...]

[click here for Making Peace with Narcissism part one] Part Two: Living in an Alternative Peace A friend who grew up with a father with NPD struggles with an image of God as a narcissist. God demands praise of us while meting out punishment for wrongdoings. God created and uses us to build God’s self up. [...]

[NOTE: This series is available as both a printable PDF and an e-book file on the Downloads page.] Part One: The World of Radical Narcissism People whose writings I enjoy and respect continue to support a known unrepentant abuser. Acquaintances of mine still reference his works, at times even describing the abuser as a personal friend. These [...]