The good folks at Missio Alliance published an article I wrote reflecting on David Fitch’s recent book, Faithful Presence: Seven Disciplines That Shape the Church for Mission. I really admire the work Missio Alliance is doing and am honored that they published it. The relationship between following Jesus and our daily work is hotly contested, with [...]

DNPod 003: Fear-Based Learning

In June of 2016 I entered an odd athletic event. It stirred up lots of insecurities for me, but in the process I learned some new things about what my students go through and how I can be a better teacher for them. Find the original blog post at Support Designing and Neighboring by: [...]

Risking Grief

Today would have been my oldest daughter’s 20th birthday. Devon should be entering her third year of college, beginning to look toward the beginning of her exciting new career. Maybe by now she would have figured out how to tame her wild, dark, curly hair. Her cavernous eyes would still look like they were absorbing [...]

Fear-Based Learning

People that don’t know better sometimes think of me as an athletic person. I have a moderately lean and strong build for a man well into his fifth decade of life. Yet I haven’t competed in a sport since I quit both soccer and basketball in elementary school after a few humiliating seasons. I’m in [...]


I try to vote in every election. Even the ones where the election workers outnumber the voters at the polling place. Off-off season voting, when there is no president, governor, senator, or representative on the ballot, just some local referendum on a property tax alteration that affects 0.04% of the city or a Precinct 7 [...]

This past spring I wrote a series of blog posts about the kingdom of God and our daily work. I had so many thoughts about work that the series became quite long. (I’m currently in the process of making it into a book.) After my series was complete I was poking around at a used [...]

Yesterday I had the privilege of participating in my students’ graduation ceremony. Some of these students I’ve had the delight of having in my classroom for three years straight. I taught a few freshmen my first year as a teacher four years ago so a few of these students I’ve known for the entirety of [...]

[NOTE: This series is available as both a printable PDF and an e-book file on the Downloads page.]   Conflicting visions of the Kingdom of God Last fall Scot McKnight published Kingdom Conspiracy and unleashed a flurry of criticism, primarily with the claim that justice work outside the church does not fall within the realm of [...]

School & neighborhood segregation As I was becoming a high school teacher several years ago I dove into the various debates surrounding school “reform”. High-stakes standardized testing, school choice, charter schools, teacher accountability, etc. were promised as ways to “save” students at low performing schools. Then I spent time substituting and student teaching in these [...]

Over the last two weeks we’ve looked at how the design and use of new technology relates to  neighboring. Wendell Berry provided an overview, introducing us to the idea that new technology does not justify itself. We need a set of people-centric standards with which to evaluate technologies and to choose whether or not we [...]