A church retreat in an area recently destroyed by wildfires leads to conversations about land and exercise, subjects that a disembodied Christian faith can’t see or imagine. Related D&N articles on bodies: Buildings and Bodies Six Thoughts on Life in a Body Incarnation and Design Church, Kingdom, and Bodies Related D&N articles on liturgy and [...]

Austin is a fast-growing and transitory city, but at least a few of us have been around long enough to remember the taste of smoke in every breath and the smudged horizon to the east when the woods around the town of Bastrop burned in 2011.  Last week I joined a retreat in the midst [...]

Did you know that the Sunday after Easter has a name? In this episode I look at where Quasimodo Sunday got it’s name, why the cathedral bellringer has the same name, plus Car Talk to consider what the biblical concept of “saved” looks like. Find the original blog post at Support Designing and Neighboring [...]

Quasimodo was the one who rang the bells in Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, right? Didn’t he have a hunched back and a deformed face? Victor Hugo gave us the character of Quasimodo when he published Notre Dame de Paris in 1831. Hugo named the book after a building; the cathedral is arguably the main [...]

When Jesus washed his disciples feet before the last supper he was participating in a kind of performance art. In this post from Maundy Thursday of 2015 I examine the way performance, meaning, death, and life intersect in this generous act of God humbling Godself. Find the original blog post at Support Designing and [...]

DNPod 003: Fear-Based Learning

In June of 2016 I entered an odd athletic event. It stirred up lots of insecurities for me, but in the process I learned some new things about what my students go through and how I can be a better teacher for them. Find the original blog post at Support Designing and Neighboring by: [...]

What if on Monday morning I reviewed the past weekend to consider what I had done that had pushed me one step forward into Christ-likeness? Maybe I read my bible over coffee on Saturday and listened to a solid sermon on Sunday. I might have learned something about God, thereby changing my thoughts. Sure these [...]

Fear-Based Learning

People that don’t know better sometimes think of me as an athletic person. I have a moderately lean and strong build for a man well into his fifth decade of life. Yet I haven’t competed in a sport since I quit both soccer and basketball in elementary school after a few humiliating seasons. I’m in [...]

[NOTE: This series is available as both a printable PDF and an e-book file on the Downloads page.]   Part One: Together with Arms Crossed   Conversations with people leaving the church I have had more conversations with people leaving a church than I can count. Some have been considering switching their participation from one church [...]

Part Two: Healing Loneliness with Casseroles [Loneliness Among Crossed Arms and Casserole Part One here] Deeper connections with God and others Christian community can and should be a place where we begin to step out of our loneliness and seek connection. Seeking ways to heal our loneliness epidemic should be a goal, even a primary goal, [...]