As I write my fiftieth blog post a reflect on writing practices, faithfulness, and my trusty vintage alarm clock. Related D&N articles on faithfulness: “Born Again” Reconsidered Forsaken, Afflicted, and Waiting: An Advent Prayer from Psalm 22 Loneliness Among Crossed Arms and Casseroles Faithful Kingdom Work Justice, Peace, and Faithfulness: A Thank You Letter to [...]

Blog Post 50: Faithfulness

This summer my alarm clock celebrates its thirtieth birthday. Here it is, basking in all the attention it’s receiving in celebration of this big milestone: This little clock has a convincing retro digital display, glowing cyan proudly as it creates all possible digits with just seven interlocking trapezoids. The plastic on the top and sides [...]

DNPod 008: Renovation

As I set out to renovate my house I explore the concept of newness and change with buildings and in our communities. Find the original blog post at DesigningandNeighboring.com. Support Designing and Neighboring by: Rating and reviewing the podcast on iTunes. Sharing the podcast or the blog through your social media of choice. Signing up [...]


I’m in the process of designing a renovation of my fifty year old house. The house has only been mine for a few years. I’m sure it has a rich history. I’ve never met the previous owners so much of the history of the house remains hidden to me. Through some detective work here are [...]

A prayer of examen is a daily Jesuit practice designed to help us place ourselves deeply in time and in God’s presence. Practiced regularly it can give us a chance to slow down and see what God has been up to in our day, where we have successfully or unsuccessfully participated in God’s movement in [...]

“Born Again” Reconsidered

Night. An upstairs room with a small table containing a bottle of wine and two glasses. Nicodemus enters. Jesus, already seated, invites Nicodemus to join him at the table. NICODEMUS Teacher, we are almost convinced you come from the very presence of God. The things you make — an abundance of food to feed the [...]

Writing Like a Bass Player

Most people don’t notice the bass guitar part in a song. The lower frequencies don’t stand out as much as the higher frequencies of voices and guitars. Drums provide the propulsion of a song and in a live performance the drummer is often the most animated due to the sheer physicality of banging on a [...]

The church season of Advent and twenty-first century American Christmas happen roughly at the same time but are polar opposites. If we read Luke’s telling of the coming of the Messiah we get a vivid picture of what people were longing for in the days preceding God’s incarnation. It had very little to do with [...]

If you’ve been following along with this blog you’ll know that I’ve written three out of four posts in a series exploring various ways of understanding the relationship between the Kingdom of God and the work we do every day. This fourth part is where I tie everything together into a rough vision for faithful [...]

The Thursday before Easter we remember the things that happened the night before Jesus was executed. Leonardo da Vinci’s famous painting of the scene of the Last Supper illustrates the meal Jesus had with his followers on this night as a one-point perspective with the vanishing point at Jesus’ head. He got the story profoundly [...]