visual art

When Jesus washed his disciples feet before the last supper he was participating in a kind of performance art. In this post from Maundy Thursday of 2015 I examine the way performance, meaning, death, and life intersect in this generous act of God humbling Godself. Find the original blog post at Support Designing and [...]

This is the first post in a series looking at the connections between art and justice. The series will be a going public with my long-term wrestling with concepts connected to my multi-decade study of the works of Nicholas Wolterstorff on both subjects. A particular challenge with Wolterstorff’s work is that he often makes a compelling [...]

Art & Justice Part One: Inside

National Portfolio Day is a set of events that happen all over the country where representatives of college art and design programs review the portfolios of aspiring high school students. These representatives, usually art professors, set up tables in large meeting rooms in major cities so students can come to one place and connect with [...]