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DNPod 008: Renovation

As I set out to renovate my house I explore the concept of newness and change with buildings and in our communities. Find the original blog post at DesigningandNeighboring.com. Support Designing and Neighboring by: Rating and reviewing the podcast on iTunes. Sharing the podcast or the blog through your social media of choice. Signing up [...]


I’m in the process of designing a renovation of my fifty year old house. The house has only been mine for a few years. I’m sure it has a rich history. I’ve never met the previous owners so much of the history of the house remains hidden to me. Through some detective work here are [...]

Art & Justice Part One: Inside

National Portfolio Day is a set of events that happen all over the country where representatives of college art and design programs review the portfolios of aspiring high school students. These representatives, usually art professors, set up tables in large meeting rooms in major cities so students can come to one place and connect with [...]

What if on Monday morning I reviewed the past weekend to consider what I had done that had pushed me one step forward into Christ-likeness? Maybe I read my bible over coffee on Saturday and listened to a solid sermon on Sunday. I might have learned something about God, thereby changing my thoughts. Sure these [...]

Part Two: Healing Loneliness with Casseroles [Loneliness Among Crossed Arms and Casserole Part One here] Deeper connections with God and others Christian community can and should be a place where we begin to step out of our loneliness and seek connection. Seeking ways to heal our loneliness epidemic should be a goal, even a primary goal, [...]

It’s confusing living in several different calendars at the same time. In the Gregorian calendar that sets our years, months, and days a new year just started. As a teacher and a parent of school-aged children another overlapping year started back in late August. A third calendar I live in is the church calendar which [...]

School & neighborhood segregation As I was becoming a high school teacher several years ago I dove into the various debates surrounding school “reform”. High-stakes standardized testing, school choice, charter schools, teacher accountability, etc. were promised as ways to “save” students at low performing schools. Then I spent time substituting and student teaching in these [...]

Buildings and Bodies

When I was studying architecture history and theory the human body came up frequently as a topic of interest. There have been periods in architecture history where the human body was an important metaphor for the form of a building. An architect could use it as a model of perfect balance and symmetry. In other [...]

Is this going to be political? I haven’t engaged in advocacy for any particular candidates or political parties on this blog yet, and I’m going to keep it that way.  Does that mean the things I talk about are not political? “Political” originally had to do simply with things of the polis, or the Greek [...]

In my early teens I got involved in a day camp that my North Dallas suburban church was helping to run in partnership with a West Dallas urban church. I was introduced to a world that I never would’ve come into contact with otherwise. We spent our days playing with African-American children and, honestly, I [...]