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Did you know that the Sunday after Easter has a name? In this episode I look at where Quasimodo Sunday got it’s name, why the cathedral bellringer has the same name, plus Car Talk to consider what the biblical concept of “saved” looks like. Find the original blog post at Support Designing and Neighboring [...]

Quasimodo was the one who rang the bells in Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, right? Didn’t he have a hunched back and a deformed face? Victor Hugo gave us the character of Quasimodo when he published Notre Dame de Paris in 1831. Hugo named the book after a building; the cathedral is arguably the main [...]

This post from January 2016 will introduce you to who I am and what I aspire to as a writer. In it I discuss the role of the bass guitar in a song and in what ways it can be analogous to writing. I mention Lou Reed, Rob Wasserman, and Tina Weymouth, the Enneagram, and [...]

Art & Justice Part One: Inside

National Portfolio Day is a set of events that happen all over the country where representatives of college art and design programs review the portfolios of aspiring high school students. These representatives, usually art professors, set up tables in large meeting rooms in major cities so students can come to one place and connect with [...]