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The church season of Advent and twenty-first century American Christmas happen roughly at the same time but are polar opposites. If we read Luke’s telling of the coming of the Messiah we get a vivid picture of what people were longing for in the days preceding God’s incarnation. It had very little to do with [...]

[Conspiracy Theories Part One] [Conspiracy Theories Part Two] [Conspiracy Theories Part Three] [Note: As I mentioned here, I plan to edit, correct, clarify, supplement, illustrate, and otherwise assemble this series into an ebook this summer. If you’d like updates when it comes available, sign up for my email list. I would also be grateful for [...]

It’s confusing living in several different calendars at the same time. In the Gregorian calendar that sets our years, months, and days a new year just started. As a teacher and a parent of school-aged children another overlapping year started back in late August. A third calendar I live in is the church calendar which [...]

The first year I taught high school I created an architecture class and an engineering class from scratch while spending most of my time teaching chemistry. Students and other teachers got used to seeing me running back and forth between my two classrooms with panic in my eyes. It was a rough year. Fortunately I [...]

Feel free to explore the “about the blog” and “about Kelly” tabs to see what this whole thing’s about. I’m quite excited about finding a community out there on the interwebs that want to explore this stuff together.  If this interests you, let me know your thoughts, questions, and experiences so we can share them [...]

Certain letterforms make me happy. Especially lowercase letters.  Helvetica’s ‘e’ and ‘r’ build beautiful connections between letters, submitting their own form to the form of the whole word. The two-story ‘a’ in Garamond looks so mournful I want to take it in and care for it. I think it would get along with my dog. But [...]