The second part of a series on art and justice in which I briefly explore of the role of imagination in justice and in partaking of chocolate chip cookies. Related D&N articles on art and justice: Art & Justice Part One: Inside An Abundance of Time: Walter Brueggemann’s “Sabbath as Resistance” Lynching Today: Reflections on “The [...]

[find Art & Justice Part One: Inside here] All of us care about justice. We may not explicitly state our concern and we may not think too much about the grand injustices of the world, but if someone else takes the last five chocolate chip cookies and leaves me without any I feel wronged. It’s not [...]

When Jesus washed his disciples feet before the last supper he was participating in a kind of performance art. In this post from Maundy Thursday of 2015 I examine the way performance, meaning, death, and life intersect in this generous act of God humbling Godself. Find the original blog post at Support Designing and [...]

[NOTE: This series is available as both a printable PDF and an e-book file on the Downloads page.]   Part One: Together with Arms Crossed   Conversations with people leaving the church I have had more conversations with people leaving a church than I can count. Some have been considering switching their participation from one church [...]

Part Two: Healing Loneliness with Casseroles [Loneliness Among Crossed Arms and Casserole Part One here] Deeper connections with God and others Christian community can and should be a place where we begin to step out of our loneliness and seek connection. Seeking ways to heal our loneliness epidemic should be a goal, even a primary goal, [...]

Part Three: Faithfulness in Loneliness [Loneliness Among Crossed Arms and Casserole Part One here] [Loneliness Among Crossed Arms and Casserole Part Two here] Living in a cycle of loneliness In my experience of rejection in my marriage I gradually noticed an insidious dynamic at work in my own heart. As I faced repeated abandonment and repeated indifference, [...]

This morning I shared some of my thoughts about architecture and loving our neighbors with my beloved community at Servant Church. I suppose it was a sermon. Below is the text I spoke from, see what you think.   (The reading for the morning was Exodus 12:1-14, the Passover story) scientists and swim diapers When I was in [...]

A few days before school started I went to the gym to relieve some stress and ran into a teacher from my school that had just retired after thirty-seven years in the classroom. I was surprised that at the beginning of my fourth year of teaching I still felt like I was about to start [...]