The good folks at Missio Alliance published an article I wrote reflecting on David Fitch’s recent book, Faithful Presence: Seven Disciplines That Shape the Church for Mission. I really admire the work Missio Alliance is doing and am honored that they published it. The relationship between following Jesus and our daily work is hotly contested, with [...]

A church retreat in an area recently destroyed by wildfires leads to conversations about land and exercise, subjects that a disembodied Christian faith can’t see or imagine. Related D&N articles on bodies: Buildings and Bodies Six Thoughts on Life in a Body Incarnation and Design Church, Kingdom, and Bodies Related D&N articles on liturgy and [...]

Austin is a fast-growing and transitory city, but at least a few of us have been around long enough to remember the taste of smoke in every breath and the smudged horizon to the east when the woods around the town of Bastrop burned in 2011.  Last week I joined a retreat in the midst [...]

DNPod 008: Renovation

As I set out to renovate my house I explore the concept of newness and change with buildings and in our communities. Find the original blog post at Support Designing and Neighboring by: Rating and reviewing the podcast on iTunes. Sharing the podcast or the blog through your social media of choice. Signing up [...]


I’m in the process of designing a renovation of my fifty year old house. The house has only been mine for a few years. I’m sure it has a rich history. I’ve never met the previous owners so much of the history of the house remains hidden to me. Through some detective work here are [...]

Austin’s local music scene seems to have a lot going on. I’m happy this is the case. I want to support local musicians in their work. But I usually don’t. And I feel bad about this. I have two very large barriers to going out to experience live music: I’m an extreme morning person and [...]

What if on Monday morning I reviewed the past weekend to consider what I had done that had pushed me one step forward into Christ-likeness? Maybe I read my bible over coffee on Saturday and listened to a solid sermon on Sunday. I might have learned something about God, thereby changing my thoughts. Sure these [...]

Part Two: Healing Loneliness with Casseroles [Loneliness Among Crossed Arms and Casserole Part One here] Deeper connections with God and others Christian community can and should be a place where we begin to step out of our loneliness and seek connection. Seeking ways to heal our loneliness epidemic should be a goal, even a primary goal, [...]

This past spring I wrote a series of blog posts about the kingdom of God and our daily work. I had so many thoughts about work that the series became quite long. (I’m currently in the process of making it into a book.) After my series was complete I was poking around at a used [...]

[NOTE: This post is available as both a printable PDF and an e-book file on the Downloads page.]   Any word or body movement that was perceived to be insufficiently deferential, like standing upright and looking a white person in the eye, could get a black beaten or killed. – James Cone, The Cross and the Lynching [...]