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I signed up for my first 10K run. This is kind of a big deal for me. I’ve had a tortured history with running. In this essay I run through my troubled past with this kind of exercise, how I’ve been working through it, and how motivational language often gets the process of overcoming these [...]

Running to Other Voices

I signed up for my first 10K run. It will be about 6.2 miles in a critical environment of other people judging how I run, passing me while thinking I’m old, clumsy, and slow. Or it’ll be about 6.2 miles in a supportive environment of other people sharing the struggle with me, all of us [...]

As I continue to explore the connections between art and justice I question the usefulness of the image of “margins” in helping us seek justice. The essay considers “white savior” movies, the parable of the good Samaritan, advent stories, and car wrecks. Related D&N articles: Art & Justice Part One: Inside Art & Justice Part [...]

Art & Justice Part Three: Margins

for previous posts in the Art & Justice series see: Art & Justice Part One: Inside Art & Justice Part Two: Imagining Justice The Lord, your Lord and your God, who contends for his people, says: Look, I have taken the cup of reeling, the goblet of my wrath, from your hand. You will no [...]

Some verses and prayers I practice before sleeping to let go of my fears and look forward to living tomorrow in trusting courage. You can find a downloadable PDF of the liturgy on the “Downloads” page. Related D&N articles on spiritual practices: An Examen of Rejection and an Examen of Acceptance Fear-Based Learning Forsaken, Afflicted, [...]

Releasing Fear: A Compline Liturgy

(Note: A downloadable PDF of the compline liturgy below is available here.) Compline is an evening liturgy, a prayer before sleeping, practiced by monastic communities. The liturgy includes an opportunity to reflect on the day and to set one’s spirit at rest for peaceful sleep in preparation for the next day. I’ve felt a strong [...]

DNPod 012: I Desired Dragons

A discussion of some silly sketches I made of dragons for my classroom meanders through my design education, ethical theory, and classroom management. Images referenced in the essay: Find the original blog post at Support Designing and Neighboring by: Contributing a small amount monthly through Patreon. Rating and reviewing the podcast on iTunes. Sharing the podcast [...]

I Desired Dragons

This school year I’m teaching five unique courses. I teach six different groups of students but that’s not what I’m talking about. Teachers refer to each course they teach as a “prep,” a different set of lessons, activities, projects, and assessments they have to prepare. So if I were to teach six class periods and [...]

The second part of a series on art and justice in which I briefly explore of the role of imagination in justice and in partaking of chocolate chip cookies. Related D&N articles on art and justice: Art & Justice Part One: Inside An Abundance of Time: Walter Brueggemann’s “Sabbath as Resistance” Lynching Today: Reflections on “The [...]

[find Art & Justice Part One: Inside here] All of us care about justice. We may not explicitly state our concern and we may not think too much about the grand injustices of the world, but if someone else takes the last five chocolate chip cookies and leaves me without any I feel wronged. It’s not [...]